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Cybersecurity IT Services and Network Protection Services

A well thought out, well implemented cybersecurity umbrella system is no longer a nice-to-have in our new technology era – it is a Must Have!

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Cybersecurity and Network Protection Support

Small and medium sized business should not ignore the real potential of security threats and natural disasters presented in today’s business world.

In an era where digital disruptions can be financially and reputationally detrimental, investing in IT preparedness is a strategic move that ensures a resilient and secure business future.

Cybersecurity Incident Preparedness and Response

A cybersecurity incident strategy is essential to fend off the growing range of cyber threats. Consistent security assessments, employee training and advanced threat detection are essential components of this strategy.

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Cybersecurity – Active Endpoint Threat Hunting

Traditional antivirus applications scans your device for threats like viruses, worms and trojan horses that are part of a definition and eliminates them. 

Netvolutions uses active threat hunting on all your connected desktops, laptops and tablets. Cyberthreat hunting proactively searches for threats any place on your network.

Threat hunting is essential to combat today’s most sophisticated cyber criminals.

Small Business Trends Magazine: Cybercrime To Cost The World 8 Trillion Annually In 2023

Cybersecurity Gatekeeper

Netvolutions uses the latest firewalls, wireless access points and network switches to create a barrier between the Internet and your network. It also protects your network from within with a ‘Zero Trust’ cybersecurity protection model.

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Zero Trust Network Architecture

Netvolutions uses a Zero Trust approach to security. Zero Trust is a security framework that validates and revalidates users and their devices before giving them access to applications and data. 

This approach to cybersecurity ensure a much higher degree of data and device security.


Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) refers to a network of autonomous physical computing devices that collect and share data.

Devices like Ring, smart TVs and imaging sources, are often overlooked when considering network security. They can act without interaction from any staff and have the potential to send sensitive informations across the Internet – sometimes with a poor security profile embedded on the device.

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“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked…”
― Richard Clarke

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Email Security

Incredibly, almost 350 billion emails were sent on average daily around the world in 2023. No wonder, it remains a favorite target for cyber criminals. Needless to say, your business needs to have a robust email protection and filtering system.

Netvolutions maintains a diligent email management and filtering system to protect again spam, phishing attacks, malware and baited URL links.

We also conduct email training campaigns to help your staff know what to look for against these attacks.

Cybersecurity for Remote and Mobile Devices

A growing attack surface for hackers and bad actors is the under protected, but critical devices your business relies on.

Netvolutions will provide Internet protection on these devices and will wipe these devices if they are lost or stolen.

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