About us

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Full IT Services Management

All of your technolgy needs managed and maintained reliably through one provider.

IT Security

We keep you safe and secure on the Internet and on your local network.

Cloud Support

We manage all of your virtually hosted systems from servers and storage in the cloud to working with your line-of-busiuness applications to have them well integrated with your other services.

End user support

We help your individual employees to stay productive by offering our US based, in-house support. All helpdesk agents are employeed by Netvolutions.

Business Continuity

From backup and recovery to full disaster recovery. Including keeping all of your services online even if your physical building is inoperable. We can keep you going even during a natural disaster.

Phones and VoIP

Netvolutions manages its own VoIP implementation as well as partnering with providers like Ring Central.

History Of Netvolutions Technology Group

Netvolutions Technology Group is a veteran owned technology business located in Southern California. They are a team of motivated, dedicated, technology think-leaders that takes the time to understand your unique approach to business. Netvolutions is derived from two words summarizing the Evolution of the Network = Netvolutions.

Netvolutions was started in 2013 by our founder and President Jesse Simms. Jesse spent 15 years with large companies that used enterprise technologies. His accomplishments include establishing the technology department of an International company whose footprint covered more that 12 time zones. He developed a data center and traveled extensively to implement and maintain this infrastructure.

Jesse saw that the needs of small and medium sized businesses were marginalized by the enterprise companies. He made it his personal mission to educate the SMB market about the technologies leveraged by the corporate giants. And is helping the SMB market to harness the power of the enterprise systems used by the big guys, but on a scale that can attained by the SMBs.

Netvolutions is dedicated to the strengthening the technology infrastructure of the SMB marketplace. He truly believes that the strength of the nation, he took an oath to protect, is built upon the backs of small and medium sized businesses.

About Our Founder

When Jesse was young his mother and sister remember how he would like to disassemble and reassemble things around the house. His sister recalls how annoyed she would be when she would sometimes pick up the phone receiver to have it fall apart in her hand.

Jesse has come along way from his childhood fascination of tinkering with phone receivers. After serving in the US Navy he embarked on several career paths before moving into the technology sector. He found his passion after working in large enterprise companies and performing numerous  IT roles. When he founded Netvolutions Technology Group, he found his place. His passion and drive make Netvolutions a highly desirable place to work and our clients love us!

When he’s not leading the technology charge, you’d probably catch him doing remote backpacking or high speed driving!

Get connected with Jesse! He is always interested in getting to know likeminded industry leaders that are motivated to make a positive change.