IT Infrastructure | IT Design

Designing an IT System is like 

turning a house into a home

Every house has certain features that make it a deirable, livable space. However, it becomes a home when your unique fingerprints are applied.

Netvolutions Technology Group takes this thought process into crafting your IT systems.

Have you considered how your technology may be affecting the morale and productivity of your team? Bitesize produced by the BBC in UK identifies numerous ways that technology affects every aspects of today’s business.

As your IT Consultant partner we work with your team to evaluate how the technology is implemented both on the back end and also as part of the tools used daily by the staff.

We take the time to evaluate workflow and the devices you use in order to tune the technology experience.  We look for gaps that may exist so they can be addressed and necessary adjustements can be made.

We will grow with you and continually monitor system and device usage. Then we’ll work with you to make the adjustments aimed at improving work profiles across  

We believe our success is directly tied to your success. Our IT team becomes an extension of your business and supports your goals.

Netvolutions Technology Group is a  IT solutions provider that is focused on helping your small business reach its fullest potential.

According to Forbes Magazine, outsouring your IT to a firm like Netvolutions Technology Group is a smart move to keep your businesses focused on it core competencies.

Man drawing computer diagram

It’s more than just deciding to buy computers


It is about developing a technology infrastructure that strategically ties your computers systems in with your business goals


  • Integrate your computers and laptops so they are fully integrated into your business network system
  • We acquire new Internet service for your office(s)
  • We setup and configure secure Wi-Fi services
  • We Setup and configure new phone system